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holle marie jewelry – Schmuckdesign aus Berlin

holle marie – jewelry is a young jewelry design studio based in Berlin. I founded it 2013, shortly after graduating as diploma designer from The University of Applied Sciences, Technology, Business and Design in Wismar. Concept, development and completion are in one hand, every piece is manufactured in my studio in Berlin-Wedding.  Traditional craftsmanship is combined with modern design, every single, unique piece reflects love for the details, lightness in design and contemporary form understanding.

The beauty of my work lies within it’s holism. To be able to accompany the working process from start to end. From design to production. Every single step needs special competencies. Conceptual, creative and technical skills are being combined, creating a thoughtful, accurate, special jewelry piece made with lots of love. 

In my studio, petite, little rings will get the same attention, as big expressive works. I have a secret passion for pencil sketches. Swift, relaxed drawings, that are done without too much effort. I am trying to translate this lightness into into my jewelry, I want it to be tangible on the skin. Even my collections are built up as drawn images. There are pieces that resemble a rough sketch, but also works, that are elaborated and worked out in detail. 

I am interested in the whole spectrum of contemporary jewelry. The completion of necklaces in Silver or dissimilar materials is as important to me as the production of playful earrings,like little wearable objects. But of course, the handling of precious metals like gold and natural gemstones in solitaire rings is a special and beautiful challenge.

Bespoke, custom made jewelry plays an important role in my work. It is a big joy for me, to elaborate the wishes and needs of my customers and to work accordingly. Especially the design of engagement rings and wedding rings need an individual and comprehensive consultation.



  • das Bauhaus wird 100 – Galerie noon, Berlin
  • Kunst-Loose-Tage, Oderbruch
  • der goldene Fuchs – Galerie ErsterErster, Berlin
  • rings – Galerie Bettina Flament, Lille, France
  • Weihnachtszauber am Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin


  • Kunst-Loose-Tage, Oderbruch
  • Vom Fluss zur Kante – Haus Birkenweg, Letschin
  • Schmuck für Wasser – Unterwasser Theater, Lübeck
  • Weihnachtszauber am Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin


  • Kindheitsgarten – ZeitKunstGalerie  Halle(Saale)
  • Kunst-Loose-Tage, Oderbruch
  • dmy – Stand der Hochschule Wismar, Berlin
  • made in Berlin – Galerie Bettina Flament, Lille, France
  • berliner beeren – neue Greifengalerie, Greifswald


  • Legnica Jewellery Festival, Legnica, Polen
  • Kunst-Loose-Tage, Oderbruch
  • dmy – Stand der Hochschule Wismar, Berlin
  • blickfang – Stand der Hochschule Wismar, Hamburg
  • je t’aime mv – Speicher, Wismar
  • Metall in der zeitgenössischen Kunst – Schloß Wiligrad


  • Landespreis  Gestaltendes Handwerk – Europäische Tage des Kunsthandwerks, Berlin
  • Kunst-Loose-Tage, Oderbruch
  • Designers Open – Stand der Hochschule Wismar, Leipzig
  • Grassimesse – Stand der Hochschule Wismar, Leipzig


  • Zwei Ansätze – Baumhaus Wismar, Einzelausstellung
  • Inhorgenta – Stand der Hochschule Wismar, München
  • Maritim – Schloß Wiligrad, Gruppenausstellung


holle marie jewelry – Schmuckdesign aus Berlin
holle marie jewelry – Schmuckdesign aus Berlin
holle marie jewelry – Schmuckdesign aus Berlin